computer renovations & repairs in Galloway, OH – Windows or Ubuntu OS & expert help, websites, SEO, sliding scale – used computers, phones, repairs

renovations & repairs, Windows or Ubuntu OS & expert help, websites, SEO, sliding scale – used computers, phones, repairs

Computer Sprout  computer renovations & repairs, Windows or Ubuntu OS and expert help, websites, SEO, expert help, sliding scale – used computers, phones, helps cultivate community computing capacity in Galloway, Ohio and surrounding areas. Computer Sprout features free and open source alternatives like WordPress for websites and Ubuntu or CloudReady for computers.  Ubuntu can replace more traditional Microsoft alternatives like Windows 10 and more recently Windows 11.  Computer Sprout also helps people transition away from paid programs like Microsoft Office or Office 365.  Free open source alternatives like LibreOffice and Google Docs, or from Adobe Photoshop to GIMP are readily available.

Computer Sprout has a track record of satisfied customers.  By re-configuring your old computer with a Linux based OS, you will no longer have to worry about viruses, malware, and fragmented hard drive.  Your computer will become responsive and robust, maybe even more so than when it was new.

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If you are having Windows 10 or Windows 11 problems, Computer Sprout can help. File system corruption is a common problem for Windows 10. Symptoms include system slowdowns and programs that refuse to work correctly. Repairs are made depending upon the level corruption. However, most computers can work like new again for a suggested minimum donation of $30. Call today!

Computer renovations & repairs in Galloway, OH, Computer Sprout also offers business website development, search engine optimization, expert help, good used computers and mobile devices and repair services.

Dell Latitude E6430 off lease
Dell Latitude E6430 off lease

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Linux is a free and open source alternative to Windows.  Linux distributions (various flavors of Linux based operating systems) do not get viruses or fragmented hard drives. Computer Sprout open source computer repair service.

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Websites and SEO

Achieve optimal reach with a professionally designed, fast loading, optimized website. Websites and SEO are vitally important in many endeavors of the current era.

Computer Sprout builds and hosts fast loading mobile friendly WordPress websites. Websites based on SEO keywords. Furthermore, websites are vitally important for proprietors, organizations, businesses and some individuals.

Therefore, to get noticed you need a well planned online presence.  SEO keywords are the foundation.

Here is a list of important factors contributing to optimally performing websites and SEO

Well thought out websites and SEO strategies pay dividends. Subsequently it will increase your website traffic leading to more readers, customers/clients for you and your organization.

Page load speed is a critical element in establishing a professional web presence. Essentially, all search is Google and from Google’s perspective, the internet is now mobile. And mobile users do not wait for slow pages to load. Furthermore, Google will rank search results on mobile page load speed, among other factors.

As a result,anyone can check page load speed. In that case, copy the URL, and load it here,

As seen in the graphic, Hillsboro Bed & Breakfast page loads fast. Computer Sprout built and hosts this simple WordPress site while managing websites and SEO. Additionally, Computer Sprout managed the Hillsboro Bed & Breakfast Google My Business listing to accomplish a professional web presence.