Windows 10 Updates Are Reason Alone to Use Ubuntu Instead

Window 10 updates are reason alone to use Ubuntu instead.  Windows 10 handles updates in a massively unpredictable way.  This is reason enough for most users to use Ubuntu instead.  Ubuntu 16.04 is my go to OS.  I always opt for Ubuntu given the choice.

  I periodically use Windows 10.  Not by choice , but because certain programs I need to use only work with Windows.  For me, it is a program that manages photos for a Sony Cybershot camera.  Additionally, a program that manages a software stack to run WordPress locally is sometimes needed.  For others, they may have a vpn that allows them to connect with their work sites from home that needs to run on Windows.

Window 10 Especially Ill Suited for Rural Internet Connections

If you live in a rural area, chances are your internet speeds are marginal.  This is true even if you have an acceptable internet experience most of the time.  When Windows 10 begins to update and you have an internet connection of 10 Mbps or less, chances are your computer will become inoperable until Windows 10 has finished doing its thing.  It is possible to futz around with metered connection settings.  One can attempt to wrest some control over your own computer and Microsoft’s heavy handed approach to updates.  But the experience will be frustrating at best, guaranteed.

However, for most people, Ubuntu does virtually everything they need from a computer.  If Windows is needed,  a computer can be easily configured to “dual boot”.  Windows 10 is available when needed.  Most people, over time, will gravitate to Ubuntu because it is more robust and user friendly.  And with Ubuntu, updates are quick, simple, and fully under user control.  Windows 10 updates are reason alone to use Ubuntu instead.