Toddler Tablet

Set up the best Toddler Tablet for under $100 and NO monthly subscription fees.

Toddler Tablet

Yes, you read that right! I took what was a balky device for my use. First I performed a Restore to Factory Defaults. Then I purchased a kids case, used the appstore to load some apps, and presto! And just like that, we had the best Toddler Tablet money can buy. And cheap! For more details, read on.


Computer Sprout moved to Lake Darby area of western Franklin County Ohio December 1, 2022. We did this primarily to be near our young grand children. And now I have pulled some care giver duty for the 2.5 year old grandson. This led to examining the electronics tstash to see what resources I might be able to employ. This led to The results I am sharing here.

For about $100 total investment, plus $0 monthly subscription we now have a toddler tablet that the grandson loves. It is responsive and robust. And he might be learning something too!

Setup a toddler tablet for $99 investment and NO further subscription fees.

Get the Hardware

Buy an Amazon Fire 10 HD 2019 or 2021. As I type, these range in price on Amazon from a high of $99.99 to a low of $59.99. The quality of your toddler’s experience is NOT dependent upon the price of this device.

For $20.98 I purchased a Shreborn HD 10 Tablet 2019 Case- SHREBORN Light Weight Shock Proof Kid Proof Cover Kids Friendly Case with Stand for All New HD 10 Tablet(9th/7th/5th Generation, 2019/2017/2015 Release) If you go with the 2021 tablet, make sure you get a case to match. As of this writing, that case was $3 cheaper!

Once you have the laptop and case, go ahead and get Khan Academy for kids from the Amazon Appstore. Set up the proper accounts, and you are good to go.

If this seems like too daunting a challenge for whatever reason, that is where Computer Sprout can help. Computer Sprout is a non profit operation. All that is asked is for out of pocket expenses to be reimbursed. Donations for time and expertise spent are accepted. Hardware setup, consultation, informal training. Call or contact for more information.