Computer Sprout has a new home; 729 Platoon Dr, Galloway, OH

Computer Sprout has a new home at 729 Platoon Dr, Galloway, OH 43119. We have returned to the plains. As a result, Computer Sprout has a new address. We have moved to 729 Platoon Dr, Galloway, OH 43119. This is the far west side of Franklin County, OH, just a few miles from the Madison County line and the village of West Jefferson, OH.

Computer Sprout’s nice new space features easy access and a large comfortable area for working on and/or with computers. Contact Computer Sprout Now

As always, Computer Sprout offers sliding scale computer repairs, affordable select notebook computers, websites, SEO and tech consultation.

Computer Sprout has a track record of satisfied customers.  By re-configuring your old computer with a Linux based OS, you will no longer have to worry about viruses, malware, and fragmented hard drive.  Your computer will become responsive and robust, maybe even more so than when it was new.

If you are having Windows 10 or Windows 11 problems, Computer Sprout can help. File system corruption is a common problem for Windows 10. Symptoms include system slowdowns and programs that refuse to work correctly. Repairs are made depending upon the level corruption. However, most computers can work like new again for a suggested minimum donation of $30. Call today!

HP Elitebook 840 G4

Computer renovations & repairs in Galloway, OH, Computer Sprout also offers website development, search engine optimization, expert help, sliding scale professional fees,   good used computers and mobile devices and repair services.

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Business Websites 101

Intro – Business Websites 101

This is a very short course in utilizing a website and google to market your business. I am calling it Business Websites 101.

Question? How does a new business get noticed in 2019?

Answer Have a good functional website. Make sure the domain name works for you. Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) home work. Incorporate this in your domain name and website. Make sure your Google listings are up to speed and good. Do good sense Google Adwords. Follow the principles of Businesses Websites 101.

Narrative – Business Websites 101

In 2019, well over half of all page views for your website are likely to happen from a mobile device. What website factors contribute to a website working well on a mobile device?Google and AnswerLab did a research study to answer this question. Here is their conclusion.

Mobile users are very goal-oriented. They expect to be able to get what they need, immediately, and on their own terms.

Here is what Google has to say on the subject. First, it has to scale; the website needs to be legible and well laid out on a variety of screen sizes. Also, the website has to load fast. In 2019, potential customers have very little patience with slow loading websites. Therefore, they will move on to the next potential business that might fulfill the need they are looking to meet.

This means the majority of websites have a lot of wasted effort on aesthetics. Your website should be well laid out, have good graphics, and convey important information to potential customers. But forget the fancy “sliders”, auto play videos, etc… Your potential customers will not wait around for them to load.

Also bear in mind, we are in Pocahontas County, WV. We have limited bandwidth in the best scenarios. Your website needs to load fast and your information must be complete and accurate in both search results and maps.

Contact Computer Sprout for a free no obligation initial consultation on Businesses Websites 101. Very Reasonable Professional Fees donated to local non-profit. 540-860-0089 or email