Computer Sprout has a new home in Logan, OH

Frank and Computer Sprout have moved to 10671 Ellinger Rd, Logan, OH. As always, Computer Sprout is your go to source for sliding scale computer repairs or used computers or Android phones. Computer Sprout specializes in Ubuntu, an open source Linux distribution that can replace Windows on your computer.

There are options as to how Ubuntu is configured. It is sometimes easy to configure Ubuntu to work in conjunction with Windows, and access all windows media files from the new Ubuntu installation.

In a rural environment where internet connections tend to be slow, Windows 10 updates can be incapacitating to an older computer. However, that very same computer, with Ubuntu installed, will work fast, responsive, robust. It can be almost like a new computer.

If you are having Windows 10 or Windows 11 problems, Computer Sprout can help. File system corruption is a common problem for Windows 10. Symptoms include system slowdowns and programs that refuse to work correctly. Repairs are made depending upon the level corruption. However, most computers can work like new again for a suggested minimum donation of $30. Call today!

Computer Sprout is also a source for solid performing used computers. Computer Sprout purchases typically off-lease incomplete Dell Latitude laptops. Laptops are completed, tested with Ubuntu 20.04 installed and are available to you for replacement cost. These models tend to have solid longevity, unlike some consumer models purchased at Walmart.

Computer Sprout also can provide expert help with most things technological, all on a sliding scale.

Ubuntu Linux for human beings
Ubuntu Linux for human beings