Ubuntu is Free Open Source


The Computer Sprout Blog is where I will discuss issues relevant to computing.  This article discusses Ubuntu and Linux.

Ubuntu and Linux

Ubuntu is free and open source replacement for Windows 10,  8.1, and 7.  It does not get viruses.  It does not need disk defrag.  All popular browsUbuntu is free open source and featured by Computer Sprout computer repair servicesers including Chrome and Firefox run in Ubuntu.

For those committed to Microsoft Office, you may run the free cloud version of Office in your browser.  Otherwise, LibreOffice is a free open source replacement for MS Office.

Most computers can run both Windows and Ubuntu.   Computer Sprout computer repair services has made this repair literally hundreds of times on most brands of computer.  Many clients find they prefer Ubuntu over Windows after acclimation.

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More on Ubuntu and Linux

Ubuntu is free open source Windows replacement.  It is know as a Linux distribution.  The history of Linux began in 1991 with the commencement of a personal project by Finnish student Linus Torvalds to create a new free operating system kernel. Since then, the resulting Linux kernel has been marked by constant growth throughout its history.  Today, virtually all of the worlds super computers run linux.  Unix and Unix-like operating systems power about 67 percent of all web servers.  At least half of those run Linux—and probably the vast majority.

However, Linux still has a relatively small share of the desktop market.  Join the Linux revolution.  Arrange to install Ubuntu on your computer today!