Websites and SEO

Achieve optimal reach with a professionally designed, fast loading, optimized website. Websites and SEO are vitally important in many endeavors of the current era.

Computer Sprout builds and hosts fast loading mobile friendly WordPress websites. Websites based on SEO keywords. Furthermore, websites are vitally important for proprietors, organizations, businesses and some individuals.

Therefore, to get noticed you need a well planned online presence.  SEO keywords are the foundation.

Here is a list of important factors contributing to optimally performing websites and SEO

Well thought out websites and SEO strategies pay dividends. Subsequently it will increase your website traffic leading to more readers, customers/clients for you and your organization.

Page load speed is a critical element in establishing a professional web presence. Essentially, all search is Google and from Google’s perspective, the internet is now mobile. And mobile users do not wait for slow pages to load. Furthermore, Google will rank search results on mobile page load speed, among other factors.

As a result,anyone can check page load speed. In that case, copy the URL, and load it here,

As seen in the graphic, Hillsboro Bed & Breakfast page loads fast. Computer Sprout built and hosts this simple WordPress site while managing websites and SEO. Additionally, Computer Sprout managed the Hillsboro Bed & Breakfast Google My Business listing to accomplish a professional web presence.